Wildlife Management and Conservation Plan

The Wildlife Management and Conservation Plan is a keystone piece of work for our Council. It offers guidance and information to our Council members, governments, co-management organizations, environmental assessment bodies, Inuvialuit and other Indigenous organizations, and the general public. It also helps to inform research priorities and projects.

The Council is set to release an updated version of the Plan later this year (2021) that incorporates the results of many years of Inuvialuit knowledge and science studies. Much has changed since the first version - for example, the effects of climate change have become more pronounced, but we also have a better understanding of how change may occur in the future. Importantly, this Plan update will better reflect the conservation requirements of the Yukon North Slope. 

We are currently working with the Parties to the Inuvialuit Final Agreement to complete this work. Over the past year, we have been traveling to communities, holding meetings, and presenting the updated draft Plan. Throughout this process we have received excellent feedback that has strengthened the draft Plan. We look forward to sharing this resource with everyone soon!

The First Plan

Along with the signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement came certain requirements and responsibilities, delegated to the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope).

The Yukon North Slope Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan was one such requirement and considerable collaborative work went into the first edition of the Plan. Volume I was released in 2003.

A Guiding Document

An important resource for anyone interested in the Yukon’s North Slope, the Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan outlines goals, objectives, and concrete actions needed to conserve and protect this exceptional environment. It also highlights the important relationship between the Inuvialuit and their land. Realization of the Plan is dependant upon strong cooperation in the region – everyone must play their part.

You can download the current edition of the plan below, issued in three volumes: Volume I was produced in 1996, Volume II in 2003, and Volume III in 2012. Our Council is currently working on updating these materials to more accurately reflect the current situation on the Yukon's North Slope.

The Land and the Legacy - Taimanga Nunapta Pitqusia: Volume I

Volume I

Volume I provides an overview of the environment and its people.

Explore Volume I

The Land and the Legacy - Taimanga Nunapta Pitqusia: Volume II

Volume II

Volume II outlines the six goals of the Plan and their objectives.

Explore Volume II

The Land and the Legacy - Taimanga Nunapta Pitqusia: Volume III

Volume III

Volume III provides a species status report (as of 2012) for the wildlife of the Yukon North Slope.

Explore Volume III