We are the Wildlife Management Advisory Council for the Yukon North Slope

Our mandate: to conserve and protect wildlife, habitat and traditional Inuvialuit use within the Yukon North Slope.

Since 1988, our Council has played a central role in the protection and management of the Yukon North Slope. Today, our members continue to work hard to ensure this unique corner of the Inuvialuit homeland is protected for generations to some.

Who We Are

Our Council is made up of representatives of five members: two members appointed by the Inuvialuit Game Council, one appointed by the federal Minister of Environment, one appointed by the Yukon Territorial Government, and an independent chairperson. We meet four times a year and are supported by staff in our Whitehorse and Aklavik offices. Get to know us!

Meet the Council

The Inuvialuit Final Agreement

Signed in 1984, the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA) stands as one of Canada's first modern land claims. Our Council is a result of this agreement and we continue to be guided by the values and responsibilities it sets out.

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Who We Work With

Collaboration is key. We work with a diverse group of partners, governments, boards, councils, and organizations in order to meet responsibilities under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and to work toward the conservation of wildlife, habitat, and traditional Inuvialuit use on the Yukon North Slope.

Our Partners