Research on the Yukon North Slope

The Yukon North Slope is both a unique and diverse region of the Canadian Arctic. As such, it has come to be the focus of much research attention, from archeology and grizzly bear diets to fish genetics and changing plant communities. 

Our Council is currently in the process of updating its Research Plan, which will be strongly guided by the new Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan and the National Inuit Strategy on Research. Until then, three high-level research priorities have been identified:

  1. Applying Inuvialuit Knowledge to emerging environmental and wildlife issues on the Yukon North Slope.
  2. Expanding our understanding of focal species (caribou, beaver, muskox), their ecology and habitat.
  3. Establishing environmental baselines and proactively gathering knowledge that will support conservation in dynamic, changing ecosystems.

Below, our Council has provided some helpful resources for those interested in conducting research either on the North Slope or in surrounding communities, like Aklavik. We also recommend you explore the Resource Library, which includes links to a number of useful databases and past projects related to the region.

Our Research Guide


Expectations about research and community-researcher relationships have evolved over the years in acknowledgement of the role of Inuvialuit in management. Find out more about planning and conducting research on the Yukon North Slope here.

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Traditional Knowledge Research

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It is imperative that the acquisition, analysis, and application of Inuvialuit knowledge be conducted with both respect and rigour. To this end, we have created the Conduct of Traditional Knowledge Research Guide.

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Research Highlights

Plant Growth Sampling (Isla Myers-Smith)

As our knowledge of this special place expands, we aim to share key projects and finding here. If you are a researcher with ties to the Yukon North Slope who would like to highlight recent work, please get in touch!

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Explore Our Resource Library

We are actively involved in the production of innovative materials and tools to collect and share both traditional and scientific knowledge about this extraordinary land.