The Living North Podcast

Since 2011, our Council has been producing the Living North Podcast. We sit down will harvesters, researchers, policy makers, youth, elders, managers, and park rangers to learn and share about the Yukon North Slope and beyond. Often, episodes will focus on a project or current issue for the Council, but occasionally we'll reach out beyond the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to connect with others working and living in the north. We have lots to learn from each other!

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Home of the Porcupine Caribou Herd

The Porcupine Caribou Herd relies on the Yukon North Slope throughout the year. While the important calving season often takes place over the border in Alaska, the herd occasionally gathers on the Canadian North Slope to give birth to the next generation of caribou. The summer months are also important here. To find out why, check out our infographic! 


Other Projects

Our projects and collaborations are guided by the priorities outlined in the Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan and by the knowledge of our Council members. Our most recent initiatives include:

Term Reports

Our Council also produces term reports every two to three years, along with shorter annual summaries each year. These reports describe special projects, ongoing activities, key partnerships, management initiatives, and funding recommendations by year, and can be found in our Resource Library.

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Our Resource Library houses our past projects, as well as a number of our collaborative efforts with partner organizations and governments.