The Living North Podcast is Back!

Posted on May 8, 2020

Our North isn't a desolate tundra wilderness. The Yukon North Slope is a living landscape intertwined with Inuvialuit culture and teeming with wildlife. It's a dynamic place that continues to evolve in response to a changing climate. All of this makes for an exciting and complex place to live, work, and play.

Since 2011, we've been jumping into conversation with researchers, Elders, park rangers, harvesters, and policy makers to shine a light on conservation and management issues in the North, with a special focus on the Yukon North Slope. After a three-year hiatus, we're back with a new episode of the Living North podcast. And WE ARE STOKED! We can't wait to share new voices and new perspectives on what it means to be a part of this special place. 

For our revival episode, we sat down with Kayla Arey. As an early-career scientist, Kayla has spent multiple summers working with researchers on all kinds of exciting projects, like caribou habitat use and muskox ecology. But, as a young Inuvialuit woman, she also grew up in this landscape with her family. 

We're so grateful that Kayla agreed to share a slice of her story with the Living North. From her early days at Running River, hammer in hand, to her palpable enthusiasm for bumble bees, it's a story worth sharing. 

We won't give up any spoilers, though. Check out the podcast to learn more!

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