Qikiqtaruk - Herschel Island Territorial Park Management Plan 2018

Posted on April 17, 2019

This updated park management plan was prepared by a joint committee of the Government of Yukon and Inuvialuit representatives. The original park management plan was approved in 1991, and a subsequent plan review and update occurred in 2006.

This plan is consistent with the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), the Parks and Land Certainty Act, the Historic Resources Act and the Herschel Island Park Regulations. The plan commits to long-standing management priorities for the park, and introduces new considerations that have arisen over the past ten years.

This plan focuses on a series of management goals and commits to a number of management actions in the following areas:
  • Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Biodiversity
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Visitor Use
  • Economic Benefits 

The language of the park vision and management goals has been updated but the messages remain intact from the previous editions of the management plans. Things change. A shifting physical, economic and cultural landscape prompted a need to update the plan. The notion of change is a common theme throughout the plan. While previous plans focused on specific operational goals, this plan has taken a more strategic approach by identifying broad management goals and actions. The operational goals and actions that are necessary to fulfill those broader management goals will be part of an annual work plan that will be reviewed by the managers and staff.

Whether addressing the effects of climate change, or a surge in cruise ship traffic – or some unforeseen management issue that arises – the expectation is that this management plan will provide the necessary guidance for park managers to find and take the appropriate action. 

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