Inuvialuit Harvesting Rights on the Yukon North Slope

Inuvialuit have unique harvesting rights in the Yukon. The Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA) defines the legal hunting, trapping and fishing rights of the Inuvialuit in their settlement region. On the Yukon North Slope, some of these rights are different from those in the Northwest Territories (NWT) part of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. 

Inuvialuit have the right to hunt, trap and fish on the Yukon North Slope. In some cases, only Inuvialuit may harvest certain animals, like polar bear or furbearers. In other cases, harvest rights are shared with other people, but Inuvialuit get special consideration. Inuvialuit subsistence need for food, clothing and other personal use must be met first before others are given the right to harvest the same animals.

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